Troubleshooting: Couldn’t select credit card account in cash sale

Question: Why can’t I select credit card account when opted for credit card payment in cash sale?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Cc cash sale1.png

Possible Reason:

You have not assigned "credit card payment type" to any of related payment methods in system.


To assign credit card as one of the payment method, go to General Maintenance > Payment Method Maintenance.

Cc cash sale2.png

Highlight the credit card payment method you wish to modify, then click on Edit...

Cc cash sale3.png

Assign 'Credit Card' as payment type, then click on OK.

Cc cash sale4.png

Create a new cash sale, you will be able to assign credit card as for credit card payment.

Cc cash sale5.png

By: CK 171110, KM 17113, P171120

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