Troubleshooting: Design Invoice Report error – Rounding and Final Total Script Error

Question: After I designed my report and try to preview the result, I encounter error as Image 1.

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Rounding script1.png

Image 1

Possible Reason:

This will happen if you have removed or deleted the label for Rounding Adjustment or Final Total. Refer to Image 2 for the label mentioned.

Rounding script2.png

Image 2


If you do not want to see this 2 fields appearing in your Invoice, you can remove the script that runs on the labels.

1. Click on the Script tab at the bottom of the report designer (Refer Figure 3).

2. Add “//” to the script to prevent the program from running these few lines of script. (Refer to Image 3)

Rounding script3.png

Image 3

3. Alternatively, you can also remove the running of the script using the concept of FROM – TO, using the syntax of “/*” which indicates FROM and “*/” which indicates TO.

4. By putting the FROM – TO syntax, the script in between will not run (Refer Figure 4).

Rounding script4.png

Image 4

Note: This FAQ assumes that you have some basic knowledge in Report Designer.

By: JS 180221, KM 180226, P180227

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