Troubleshooting: Final GST Return Error - GST On Fixed Asset AccNo is empty or invalid

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Question : When I try to run Final GST Return, error message prompted “GST On Fixed Asset AccNo is empty or invalid”. What should I do?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Gst on asset invalid1.png

Possible Reason :

You’ve not assigned “GST on Fixed Asset Account No” when process GST processor.

Solution :

Go back to the page for GST on Fixed Asset and Stock Value, if you have checked “Generate GST on Fixed Asset and Stock Value in Journal Entry”, system will generate the journal for you. But you need to select Account No. for GST on Fixed Asset Account No. and GST On Stock Value Account No.

Gst on asset invalid2.png

You will be able to generate GST Return after assigning the account number.

Gst on asset invalid3.png

By : Ju Lee 181224, Lay Swan 180102, P190109

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