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Question: I have forgotten SA password and unable to attach account book?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


SA password is AutoCount SQL default password. If you have created your own SA password and forgotten, you are not able to Detach/Attach Account Book. To solve this, you need to reset the SA Password, and re-attach all account books for each of the PCs.

If you are using AutoCount Default SA Password, SA password is not needed to attach/detach account book.

To reset SA Password, launch MSSQL Management Studio and login using the authentication mode: “Windows Authentication”.

1. Go to Security > Login > sa > right click Properties

Sql sa.png

2. Key in and confirm new SA password and press OK.

Sql sa1.png

Another option is to use SQL query to update the sa password.


Note:Please do a backup of database before changing anything! As this issue requires some technical skills, kindly consult your software consultant if there is any doubt.

By:KM 170530, 170725; P170801

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