Troubleshooting: GST03 – Tax amount appears in Others (Lain-lain) column

Question: Amount appears in the box of "Others(Lain-lain)" when I preview Borang GST-03 ?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Msic code in lain lain column.png

Possible Reason:

MSIC Code is not defined for Sales Account involved in transactions. As a result, the related GST value will be shown in " Others(Lain-lain)".


1. Double click on the amount in Others(Lain-lain), to show a listing of transactions contributed to this amount.

Msic code in lain lain column3.png

2.Double click on any of the entries to view the details.

Msic code in lain lain column2.png

3. Right click on any of the column headers in detail section, click on Column Chooser, drag out the column of "Acc. No." and place it onto the area of column headers. Identify and remember the sales account number.

Msic code in lain lain column5.png

4. Go to G/L > Account Maintenance > select the identified Acc. No., click on Edit Account, key in the MSIC Code for the Sales Account.

Msic code in lain lain column1.png

After putting the MSIC Code into Sales Account, the amount in Others(lain-lain) will be cleared and appear in its respective MSIC group.

By:Jessica 170616, KM 170717; P170801

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