Troubleshooting: GST Processor error - Error on GST Partial Exemption: Tax Type AJP-O not found

Question: When I try to run GST processor, it prompts me an error message “Error on GST Partial Exemption: Tax Type AJP-O not found. What should I do?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

PE AJPO1.png

Possible Reason:

1.You may have selected the tax code TX-RE in your transaction which is used for Partial Exemption, however your current package didn’t include the Partial Exemption module.

2. You may have not enable the tax code AJP-O.


1. You can go to GST > GST Instant Info to check whether you have selected the tax code TX-RE. Change it to other tax code if you have chosen tax code wrongly for that particular transaction. If you are mixed supplier, you may contact your software dealer for the pricing of Partial Exemption module.

PE AJPO2.png

2. If you are a mixed supplier, you can go to GST > Tax Code Maintenance > Configure Malaysia GST; enable the tax code AJP-O

PE AJPO3.png

Re-run GST Processor and it should be working fine now. If the problem still persists, get assistance from your software dealer.

By: Soh Wee 180223, KM 180226, P180227

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