Troubleshooting: Invoice item UOM is PKT, but why when preview it shows PACKET

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Question : Invoice item UOM is PKT, but why when preview it shows PACKET?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Inv report UOM1.png

Inv report UOM2.png

Possible Reason :

User has keyed in ‘PACKET’ in the field of User UOM and the system report displays User UOM.

Inv report UOM3.png

Inv report UOM4.png

Solution(1) :

Change the User UOM to ‘PKT’.

Solution (2) :

If user wants to display UOM instead of User UOM, he needs to modify it in report designer.

1) Go to Sales > Invoice > Report > Design Document Style Report > select your report and click on Design.

Inv report UOM5.png

2) Find the UOM field from Field list, drag the UOM and place it onto (to replace) User UOM field, click on Save.

Inv report UOM6.png

3) Try to preview the Invoice again, now its show PKT.

Inv report UOM7.png

By : Ashikin 190225, Lay Swan 190510, P190513

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