Troubleshooting: Invoice not shown in A/R Outstanding Invoice

Question: I have AR invoice dated as 01.01.2018, and knock-off on 28.02.2018. but, when I inquiry on Outstanding AR Invoice Report as at 31.01.2018, the invoice did not show. Why?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

i. Invoice

Inv not shown1.png

ii. Payment

Inv not shown2.png

iii. Outstanding AR Invoice

Inv not shown3.png

Possible Reason

You have enabled the option of ‘include Post-dated cheque’ in filtering the Outstanding A/R Invoice. With this option is checked, system will include the post-dated cheque in outstanding calculation. Thus, system will assume this invoice is cleared, and it wouldn’t be shown again once you check this option.


Uncheck the option of ‘Include Post Dated Cheque

In this case, you should uncheck this option to view outstanding invoice based on the date filtered.

Inv not shown4.png

By Azirah 180313, KM 180612, P180612

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