Troubleshooting: Outstanding Invoice fall on wrong month column in Debtor Aging Report

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Question : The Invoice : I-000002 dated 04/08/2018 and the terms is C.O.D. When I inquiry the Debtor Aging report as at 31/08/2018, why it is filled in ‘4 months’ column ? It should be shown in current month.

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Aging wrong mth1.png

Aging wrong mth2.png

Possible Reason :

Set Aging date is incorrect.

Solution :

1. Edit the A/R Invoice, click on Edit > Set Aging Date.

Aging wrong mth3.png

2. Change the aging date from 08/04/2018 to 04/08/2018 and click on OK, then click on Save.

Aging wrong mth4.png

3. Inquiry again the Debtor Aging report and now show in current month.

Aging wrong mth5.png

By : Ju Lee 180901, Lay Swan 181005, P181016

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