Troubleshooting: Report Design – dragged field not shown in PV

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Question: I've dragged out the field of "Document No." in PV report, but it is not shown when Preview the report?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

AP report docno.jpg

The value of "Document No." is not shown.

AP report docno1.jpg

Possible Reason:

In such a case, you need to drag out both fields of "Supplier Document No." and "Document No.".


Drag out the "Supplier Document No." field and place it somewhere in the report.

AP report docno2.jpg

You may set the "Supplier Document No." field to be Invisible if you do not want it to be displayed.

AP report docno3.jpg

Save the report format & preview report, now the value of "Document No." should be correctly shown.

AP report docno4.jpg

By:Soh Wee 170721, KM 170721; P170801

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