Troubleshooting: System still deduct stock after 'Post To Stock' access rights was removed

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Question: I have removed “Post To Stock” access rights in Invoice for a particular User, but when the user creates new transaction, “Post To Stock” still enabled and it will deduct the stock?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

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Possible Reason:

By default, setting of “Post To Stock” will follow the priority from Tools > Options > Invoicing > Document Control 2 instead of follow user access rights.

Note: Uncheck this option, the setting “Post To Stock” will always be disabled. The stock will not be deducted in invoicing module.

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Go to Tools > System Option Policy.

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Under Invoicing section, look for “Post To Stock” option and change the setting from “Use setting in Options” to “Use setting in User Access Rights”.

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Now, the “Post To Stock” will be disabled by default when that user creates a new Invoice.

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By: Lay Swan 170825, CY 170828, KM 170828, P170911

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