Troubleshooting: Unable to Save a New Payment Voucher: Difference between revisions

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<b><u>Possible Reason (1):</u></b>
The default Bank Charges Account for the payment method is not defined. When the entry involves bank charges, the system is having problem of to which GL Account the bank charges should be posted.
<b><u>Solution (1):</u></b>
Go to <span style="color:red">General Maintenance > Payment Method Maintenance; define the bank charges account</span> for this payment method.
By:Soh Wee 160801, KM 170605; P170801
<b><u>Possible Reason (2):</u></b>
You might have forgotten to set the Exchange Gain/ Loss Account for foreign currency.
<b><u>Solution (2):</u></b>
Check the currency involved in the document and go to <span style="color:red">General Maintenance > Currency Maintenance</span>, set the <span style="color:red">Exchange Gain/ Loss Account</span> for the currency and click on <span style="color:red">OK</span>.
[[File:Cant save pv1.png]]
[[File:Cant save pv2.png]]
Now, you should be able to save the A/P Payment.
By: Angel 220311, Lay Swan 220327, P220328