Troubleshooting: Unable to edit Currency Rate in currency maintenance

Question : When try to edit Currency Rate in currency maintenance, system prompted message: Access denied?

Version : 1.9 / 2.0

Cant edit curr rate1.png

Possible Reason :

The user does not have access rights to Edit Currency Rate.

Solution :

To grant this user the access rights,

1) Go to General Maintenance > User Maintenance > Access Rights, or General Maintenance > Access Rights Maintenance (For Version 2.0).

2) Under General Maintenance > Currency Maintenance > Edit Currency Rate, check the checkbox of the user you wish to add this control and click on Apply.

Cant edit curr rate2.png

3) Now the user should be able to edit Currency Rate.

Cant edit curr rate3.png

Note : This access rights is only available in AutoCount Accounting version or above, and Version or above.

By : Jia Zheng 200721, Lay Swan 200721, P200721

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