Troubleshooting Payroll: Incomplete IC No in EPF Borang A

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Question: When I preview payroll EPF Borang A report, the IC No at the bottom left of the report is incomplete. Why IC No is not displayed completely as I have maintained the IC No under company profile?

Ic borang A 1.png

Possible Reason:

This is because of the IC Format was keyed in wrongly. The IC No should contain ‘-’. E.g. xxxxxx-xx-xxxx instead of xxxxxxxxxxxx.

Ic borang A 2.png


Maintain the correct format for IC No.

1. Go to File > Company Profile,

Ic borang A 3.png

2. Key in the IC No with correct format which is xxxxxx-xx-xxxx.

Ic borang A 4.png

Preview the EPF Borang A Report once again.

By: Ella 180406, KM 180409, P180409

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