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Troubleshooting Payroll: Login Error-Runtime Error 217 At 00442382

Question : I’ve installed AutoCount Payroll 2.9 at new server. When I want to login to restore database, system prompts an error message “Runtime error 217 at 00442382”. What should I do?


Possible Reason :

Firebird is not installed in new server.

Solution :

Install the same Firebird version with old server pc.

1) For checking Firebird version, please refer to the following link

Troubleshooting Payroll: Attach Database error - Unsupported on-disk structure for file

2) To install Firebird at new server, you may get the free installer online (i.e for Firebird version, you may download it from this link :

After download, double click to run the installer.


Click on Yes and proceed install until finish.


3) You can log in to Payroll system after installed Firebird.

By : Aisyah 180925, Lay Swan 180925, P180928

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