Troubleshooting Payroll: Login Error - Sorry, there are currently 2 users using the system…

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Question: When I try to login Payroll system, there is an error message prompted ‘Sorry, there are currently 2 users using the system, but your system is capable to support up to 1 concurrent users, please try later on’. Why can’t I login Payroll system?

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Possible Reason:

Your license only allows 1 concurrent user to login Payroll system. You are the second user to login and prompted with this error message of login failure because of insufficient licensed users.


1. You may ask your colleague to log out to make way for you login.

2. Purchase an additional user from your software dealer.

3. If no one has logged in, it may be someone has not logged out properly and the system still detects 1 active user.

At Server, go to this path : C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoCount\Payroll\NETDIR, right click and delete the DAT file. Then you will able to log in.

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By Lay Swan 180330, KM 180522, P180522

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