Troubleshooting Payroll: Unable to login into Payroll – Message box ‘Setup Type’ prompted

Question: I cannot log in payroll from my workstation , there is no account book list there, what should I do?

Possible Reason:

Linkage between server pc & work station has been cleared due to connection or security issue.


Re-attach the database in workstation pc.

1) Choose Network Setup

Network setup1.jpg

2) Choose Network and select your Server PC name and click on Open.

Network setup2.jpg

3) Choose Payroll Folder and click on Open.

Network setup3.jpg

4) Select the Payroll.ACF and click on Open.

Network setup4.jpg

5) Now you may log in to Payroll.

Network setup5.jpg

By: Lay Swan 171206, KM 171212, P171229

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