AOTG API Result Status is always '''InQueue'''

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Dispatch get Method of /api/public/v1/Result/{requestId} returns the status of previous requested task.

The requestId is the id of requested task prior to dispatching of method Result.

Example of response from Result:


Example of response that was dispatched with method GetDebotrList, which the Id is the requestId that will be used in method Result to check status and retrieve data.

    "Id": "t3d45a84-afva-1219-9e89-023afx33euba",
    "Name": "GetDebtorList",
    "StartTimestamp": "2019-02-26T09:35:30.6022302Z",
    "EndTimestamp": "2019-02-26T09:35:30.6022302Z"

There are basically 4 status indicates the process state.

However, the persistent of particular status of "InQueue" may indicate that there could be issue in the process:-

1) The dispatch of method Result is too soon.

Solution: Try to adjust the dispatch of method Result few seconds after the task request was dispatched.

2) AOTG Client is not updated, or incorrect version is installed

Solution: Update AOTG Client at the server where AutoCount Accounting server is setup.
Get the link to download AOTG Client in Begin AutoCount Accounting Integration via AOTG API

3) Check the AOTG Client service is running on the AutoCount Server.

4) The Cloud AOTG user account status is active.

4 possible responses from process status.

InQueue status
  • InQueue status Indicates that the requests to AOTG Server is waiting to be processed.
  • Usually this happen when many requests are called to AOTG Web API in within a second.
    Make sure the request in the loop has pause time,
    or use 'batch' method to process multiple records in single request if applicable.
"RequestId": "f5175ac-8d11-4593-96ce-ccd36085d0d1",
"Status": "InQueue"
Processing status
  • Processing status indicates that the request is not complete.
"RequestId": "f5175ac-8d11-4593-96ce-ccd36085d0d1",
"Status": "Processing"
Completed status
  • Completed status Indicates that the request has been performed and succeeded.
"RequestId": "f5175ac-8d11-4593-96ce-ccd36085d0d1",
"Status": "Completed"
Failed status
  • Failed status indicates that the request has been performed but has error.
"RequestId": "f5175ac-8d11-4593-96ce-ccd36085d0d1",
"Status": "Failed"


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