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Question : How to set credit control for multiple debtors or creditors?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Answer :

1) Go to A/R > Debtor Maintenance, then click on Find Debtor.

2) Click on Search and click on Check All (if you want to change the setting for ALL debtors), else you may check the checkboxes of selected debtors only. Then click on Credit Control.

3) Now you can set the credit limit or credit term overdue limit amount and the Controlled by credit term setting, then click on OK.

Now, all debtors are set with the same credit limit amount.

Same steps apply for multiple creditors, which you need to set at A/P > Creditor Maintenance.

By : Soh Wee 200415, Lay Swan 200416, P200417

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