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Question : I’ve created a new account book, how to register this account book with license?

Answer :

Each of the account books, if not licensed, is limited to 500 transactions.

1) At Server PC, click to show hidden icons (at task bar) and right click on the green camera icon – AutoCount Server Monitor and select License Setting.

If you can’t find it, go to Windows search and look for (type) AutoCount Server Monitor.

2) Select your product ID and click on View.

If you do not see any Product ID, please seek assistance from your software dealer to add in your product ID.

3) Click on Register.

Note : Click on Get Online button to refresh license info if the new license is issued but was not updated.

4) Click on Get Available instances and choose A2006.

5) Then click on Get All Available Databases. After the databases are loaded, checkthe checkbox of the database that you wish to add into License and click on OK. Then click on OK again (Database info successfully added) and close the License screen.

6) Then click OK (to restart the service) and OK (Service restarted successfully).

7) Then login again to AutoCount, the license for this account book should be updated.

By : Tan 200427 , Lay Swan 200519, P200522

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