Accounting 2.0 - License: How to change email address which registered for version 2.0 license

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Question: I wish to change the email address that registered for version 2.0 license. How can I do it?


1) View AutoCount Server from show hidden icon, right click on it, and select for License Setting.

2) View your product ID.

3) Click on Change Email.

4) System will ask for verification code which the code was sent to current email address. Check your email and copy the code and fill in at Verify Code, then click on Confirm.

5) After that email address will be blank, then click again Change Email.
Fill in the new email address and click on Request to request for new verification code.

6) The code will be sent to the new email address filled. Copy the code from the email address and fill in at Verify Code and click on Confirm.

7) Your email address is successfully changed.

Note: If the current email registered unable to login to get verification code, you may refer to the below document for what to do.

Accounting 2.0 - License: What should I do if the email address that registered for License was unable to login

You may also seek assistance from your software dealer to help on the change email, but you must provide the verification code.

By: Lay Swan 230301, P230320

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