Accounting 2.0 - Purchase: Purchase Request-Cannot have different Supplier Code in Item Detail

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Question: When I right click and select Partial transfer to new Purchase Order, system prompted message ‘Cannot have different Supplier Code in Item Detail’. Why?

Possible Reason:

Purchase Request item details were assigned with different Creditor codes or one of the items did not assign creditor code; the system unable to transfer all items to one Purchase Order because the creditor codes are different.

Solution (1):

You can use manual transfer method to transfer by creditors one after another.

Go to Purchase Order, click on New to create new Purchase Order, select the creditor 400-A001, click on Transfer From Purchase Request, and key in the New Qty.

Then create another Purchase Order for creditor 400-A008 and transfer from Purchase Request.

Solution (2):

If you wish to use the right click transfer function, do not fill any creditor code in the Purchase Request.

When you right click and transfer to Request Quotation / Purchase Order, you may now assign the creditor code, and remove any item that to be excluded for this creditor.

By: Ju Lee 230220, Lay Swan 230303, P230320

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