Accounting 2.0 - Sales: Apply formula for Subtotal causing incorrect Unit Price

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Question : I have created UDF_CurrRate at Invoice detail and set a formula for Subtotal.

Formula : Subtotal = d_Qty *d_UDF_CurrRate * d_UnitPrice

But when I key in CurrRate = 2 and Unit Price = 100, the Unit Price will change to 200 and Subtotal become 400?

Possible Reason :

There is an option to calculate unit price from subtotal, which is enabled by default.

Solution :

If you set a formula for Subtotal, you must disable this option.

Go to Tools > Options > Invoicing > Document Control, uncheck Calculate Unit Price from Subtotal and click on OK.

Now, your formula should run correctly.

By : Tan 200608, Lay Swan 200618, P200619

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