Accounting 2.0 - Sales: Item Selling Price did not follow Multi Pricing

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Question: I have set the debtor AAAA using Multi Pricing 2 and Price 2 for ITEM 1 is 1.50, but when create Invoice, why the unit price is 3.00? Found out that it was following Item Price Book.

Possible Reason :

You didn’t enable Use Multi Pricing or it was not placed at top priority in Sales Auto Price.

Solution :

Go to Tools > Options > Invoicing > Auto Price, make sure Use Multi Pricing is enabled, and move it up to the top by using the Up Arrow button, click on OK to save.

Re-login AutoCount, now when you create Invoice to Debtor AAAA, the unit price for ITEM 1 is 1.50.

By: Park Yao 220519, Lay Swan 220523, P220525

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