Accounting 2.0 - Stock: Balance Qty vs On Hand Qty vs Available Qty vs Forecast Qty

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Question : What is Balance Qty, On Hand Qty, Available Qty, Forecast Qty, in Available Stock Status?

Answer :

Balance Qty : quantity of stock according to book records

On Hand Qty : Balance Qty + Outstanding Consignment Qty

Available Qty : On Hand Qty – Reserved Qty

Forecast Qty : Available Qty + Outstanding P/O Qty + Outstanding A/O Qty (Finished Goods)

A/O stands for Assembly Order

** Outstanding Consignment Qty : quantity of stock consigned out / in (but not yet sold)

Negative quantity indicates CSGN out.

Positive quantity indicates CSGN in.

** Reserved Qty : Outstanding S/O Qty + Outstanding A/O Qty (Raw Material) + Outstanding POS Qty

S/O stands for Sales Order

By : Aimi 200814, Lay Swan 200821, P200824

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