Bank Giro TroubleShooting: Inquiry Bank Export Giro Payment shows no result

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Question: It shows nothing when I inquiry Public Bank Export GIRO Payment? I have created payment voucher using PBB bank payment method but never export the file before.

Possible Reason :

Payment method is not assigned with the GIRO Payment Bank.

Solution :

To use any Bank Giro Payment function, you are required to choose a Giro Payment Bank for related payment method, and bank information must be filled in.

Go to General Maintenance > Payment Method Maintenance, edit the related payment method and choose PBB under GIRO Payment Bank. Then fill in all related information at Public Bank Giro Setting.

Inquiry again Public Bank Export Giro Payment, result is shown, and you may export the file now.

By: Ju Lee 220607, Lay Swan 220624, P220627

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