Cloud Payroll - Claim Report : How to download main claim attachment file in claim request report?

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Question : How to download main claim attachment file in claim request report?

Answer :

1) Go to Report > Claim Report > Claim Request Report > Design

Main Claim attach report 01.png

2) Click on detailReportBand1, then go to properties insert detail report band

Main Claim attach report 02.png

3) Click on Detail Report 1, then go to properties > Set Data Source > objectDataSource1 and Data Member > Master > Files

Main Claim attach report 03.png

4) Click on Field List > Master > Files > File DownloadUrl

Main Claim attach report 04.png

5) Pull out, drag and drop the File DownloadUrl in desire area

Main Claim attach report 05.png

6) Click on File Download Url. Select Properties > Behavior > Tick Allow Markup Text

Main Claim attach report 06.png

7) Click on menu and save as new report by rename it then save.

Main Claim attach report 07.png

8) Now you can download the main claim attachment file when preview claim request report.

Main Claim attach report 08.png

By : ChenOng 220509, Azirah 220509, P220509

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