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Question : How to send payslip via AC Payroll App / Email

Answer :

1) Create a payroll process via Payroll > Process Payroll, then, commit the payroll process.

2) Once committed, scroll all the way to the bottom to send. You may choose to send the payslip immediately or on schedule. Alternatively, you may also send it via email.

3) Once selected when and how you want to send the payslip, you may just click Apply to send the payslip.

4) If you would like to send the payslip via email, make sure the payroll process is committed as shown in step 1.

5) Once done, go to Report > Payslip, select payslip format and payroll period you wish to send and click ‘Send Email’ at the top right corner; A menu should prompt out and click ‘Send Email’ again to send out the payslip via email.

Note : Payslips are encrypted with password which is provided in the email and are only valid for 1 month. After 1 month, they will expire, and user will need to resend the email to the recipients.

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