FnB: How to enable Order No./Queue No.

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Question :

How to enable order/queue no at Receipt for my digital LED display so I can notify customer to collect their items?

Solution :

1. Go to POS 5.0 Backend > Point of Sale > Maintenance > POS Option Maintenance


2. Select correct Option > Edit


3. Go to Document Control 2 > tick Print Order No > OK


4. Go to Frontend FNB and perform speed sync


5. Login F&B > More Function > Setting


6. Click Configuration Setting


7. At General tab > check Queue Numbering Format* > OK


  • Format is X001

If you prefer to start from digit ‘8’, you may put ‘8001’

This Number will reset to X001, after user performed close counter action.


By: CK 20201014, Jacky 201124, P201126 [000124]

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