Inter-Billing TroubleShooting: Invalid Account No message when create new Invoice

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Question: Our Company is using intercompany billing plugin to post IV to PI. When I create a new invoice and save, system prompted ‘Invalid Account No’. The invoice was successfully saved but Purchase Invoice does not post to another account book.

Possible Reason:

In the other account book, the item group of this item is not assigned with Purchase code and the GL default account is not assigned with Purchase account too.


1) Go to Stock > Stock Group Maintenance, edit the stock group maintenance and maintain the posting account.

2) Go to Tools > Options > G/L > Default Accounts, assign the Purchase Account. Other default account you may assign too.

3) Edit your invoice, maybe key in some word at Note, after saved, the PI is posted.

By: Park Yao 230116, Lay Swan 230120, P230125

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