Payroll: How to export SOCSO Borang 8A from Payroll system

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Question: How to export SOCSO BORANG 8A to text file from AutoCount Payroll so that I can upload the text file to PERKESO website?


1. In payroll, go to Payroll > Electronic Transfer > SOCSO BORANG 8A Wizard…

Exp socso 1.png

2. Then click on Yes and then click on Next.

Exp socso 2.png

3. Then select the year and the month that you wish to export to text file.

4. Then click on Next.

Exp socso 3.png

5. Then, click on the button to select the file location that you wish to save the text file.

6. Then, click on Create SOCSO BORANG 8A Disk.

Exp socso 4.png

The Socso Borang 8A file has been saved into the desired destination.

Exp socso 5.png

7. After that click on Close to end the wizard. (Do not click Next to continue)

Exp socso 6.png

8. Go to open the BRG8A.TXT and it will show something like this.

Exp socso 7.png

9. Erase the ‘-‘ sign at the notepad and save the notepad.

Exp socso 8a.png

Exp socso 9.png

10. Now, you can upload BRG8A.TXT in PERKESO website to submit SOCSO.

By: Hui Yan 180611, KM 180618, P180628

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