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Question :

I have a list of item codes need to print barcode label. Instead of adding it 1 by 1, is there any faster way to import and print it out?

Answer :

Yes, you can do it by importing your list of items temporary into Stock Receive or Stock Transfer.

Solution :

1. Open your Excel file and input the following Header Names on the top of details columns.

  Header Name
  ItemCode, Description, Price, BarCode, Qty

2. Login AutoCount > Stock > Stock Receive

3. Create a new Stock Receive

4. Copy Excel data from header until last detail cell

5. Go to Edit > Paste Item Detail Only From Clipboard

6. You may change your Stock Receive document number into “Test” if it is just for temporary. Click Save.

7. Go to Tools > Print Bar Code

8. Click Import

9. Go to Stock tab > tick Stock Receive > select Document No ‘Filter by range’

10. Select your transaction no. > click OK

11. Click Print

After printed that Stock Receive you can Delete it or Cancel it.

By: CK 20200417, Jacky 20200421, P20200423 [000039]

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