Pos3/5/FNB: How to check my Dongle/USB key number

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Question :

How can I know my Dongle / USB key serial number?

Solution :

POS 3.0/3.1:

1. Windows Start Menu > AutoCount POS > AutoCount POS Dongle Checker


2. Make sure dongle already inserted > click Check.


For POS 5.0/FnB:

1.Go to partner space to download Dongle License Utility.

AutoCount Dongle Utility 2.0 (Green) – For newest dongle that supports 5.0/5.1

Account Dongle Utility (Green) – For accounting dongle 1.8/1.9

POS Dongle Utility (Yellow) – For POS dongle 3.0/3.1



2.Open the folder > double click DongleUtil.exe > click Check USB Key.


By: CK 20221111, Jacky 20221124, P221126 [000368]

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