Pos3/Pos5/FNB: How to Enable POS Credit Control?

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Question :

In Accounting system we can set credit control for debtor, how about POS? If yes, how to trigger credit control on POS?

Solution :

Yes, AutoCount POS credit sales supports credit control.

POS 3.1 :

1. Firstly set credit control for debtors. You may refer the following link on the setup.


2. Login POS > More Function > Configuration Setting


3. Document Control 2 > tick Credit Control > HQ Database Connection (fill up) > OK


Server Name: server IP address + \Microsoft SQL instant name + port number (e.g.\A2006,88)

SA Password: server Microsoft SQL instance sa password, if the user uses AutoCount default password just leave it blank.

Database Name: name of account book normally preceded with AED_

4. Click on Yes


5. Click on Yes


6. Login POS > select Debtor > select an item > click on Credit Sales


System will prompt message when credit limit is reached.

POS 5.0 & F&B :

1. Same as POS 3.1 you must firstly set credit control for debtors. Refer to the following link on how to setup.


2. Point of Sale > Maintenance > POS Option Maintenance


3. Edit your option


4. Appearance > HQ Database Connection (fill up)


5. Document Control 2 > tick Credit Control (Credit Sales) > OK


6. go to POS and perform sync.

By: CK 200902, Jacky 20201027, Peter 201028 [000113]

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