Pos5/FNB: Delete POS Posting error DB concurrency violation

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Question :

I want to delete a POS Posting Transaction but system pop up an error.

DB concurrency violation.

Possible Reason :

POS Posting Transaction post to G/L Cash Book (CB), Journal (JV) or A/R Invoice. Their linked source was somehow gone or deleted by user.

Solution :

1. On Cash Sale tab, Journal Entry tab, Refund tab & Credit Sale tab, check recent documents that have linked to any CB, JV or A/R Invoice.

2. Make sure all CB, JV or A/R Invoice posted from POS Posting already deleted.

3. Open Autocount or POS 5.0 Management Studio > Tools > SQL Query > Yes

4.Enter the following query to delete posting detail

delete from PosPostingDtl where dockey in (select Dockey from PosPosting where docno = 'Doc No.')

My sample

delete from PosPostingDtl where dockey in (select Dockey from PosPosting where docno = 'PP-000097')

5.Then enter another query to delete the master

delete from PosPosting where docno = 'Doc No.'

My sample

delete from PosPosting where docno = 'PP-000097'

6. Next, follow below FAQ for the next step to reset your True False trigger.


To prevent this problem from happening, pls untick this function:

Login Accounting / POS 5.0 Backend > Tools > Option > Category A/R & A/P > Aging and Statement > don’t tick Allow Edit or Delete A/R and A/P Documents Posted From Other Source.

By: CK 20220512, Jacky 20220523, P220525 [000331]

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