Pos5/FNB: Item able to sell below min selling price after discount

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Question :

My Item selling price is RM10, and my min selling price is RM9. When my cashier at POS System give discount on the item, it allows to sell below the min selling price. Why is that?

Solution :

This is because you may not have applied the price checking to discount/promotion settings.

Solution :

1. Login your POS 5.0 BACKEND > Point Of Sale > Maintenance > Terminal Settings Maintenance

2. Select your Option ID then click the Edit Button. Go to Document Control Tab > Under Enable Price Checking Function > Tick Apply Price Checking To Discount/ Promotion

Then click OK, save.

3. Then perform speed sync from your terminal.

4. And now, the items will not allowed to sell below min selling price after discount.

By: SengHoong 20211111, Jacky 20220121, P220127 [000296]

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