Pos5/FNB: Posting Error - PaymentMethod, CBDate, PaymentNo,InclusiveTax, TaxDocNo

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Question :

When I do pos posting, there is an error message prompted 'Column ‘PaymentMethod, CBDate, PaymentNo,InclusiveTax, TaxDocNo’ is constrained to be unique. Value’. 03/12/2022 12:00:00 AM, , F,’ is already present.'

What should I do?

Possible Reason :

There may have payment methods not inserted with payment account.

Solution :

1. Login POS Backend > Point Of Sale > Maintenance > Voucher Maintenance

2. There were few Voucher ID created and not inserted with payment method account.

3. Edit your Voucher and insert payment method account.

And now, you may try to do posting again.

By: SengHoong 20221207, Jacky 20230223, P230224 [000384]

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