Pos5/FNB: Unable to change location code

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Question :

There is an error prompted during change location code.

The old Location Code exist in the sync registration and does not allow to perform change operation.

Please reset terminal pc at POS Sync Monitor to unlock it.

Possible Reason :

This location is used to perform sync.

Solution :

1. Go to Windows Start Menu > AutoCount POS 5.0/5.1 > AutoCount POS 5.0/5.1 Server Monitor.

2. You can stop sync services, disconnect your VPN (if outlet is using different network), unplug LAN cable or disconnect WiFi (for local network) or shut down pc for a moment while you reset terminal PC .

3. Select Profile Name > Edit > select Location you want to change > Reset Terminal PC.

4.Click Check All > OK > Save > Yes

5. Now you should be able to change location code. After changed, your outlet that was using the old location will need to reconfigure their sync to use new location code.

By: CK 20230118, Jacky 20230125, P230126 [000383]

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