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Question: Currently my POS branches / terminals able to check their own respective stock balance in the Check Stock Level function. They would like to check on other branches / terminals as well. Is this possible?


Yes. You just need to login into your Back End > Point of Sales Menu > Maintenance > Terminal Maintenance; Select one of the terminal. After opening the terminal, at the middle setting area there will be a list of Locations available for you to check. This is the place where you can choose which location's stock you want to check from this terminal. Check all if you wish to view all locations’ stock.

Stock balance1.png

Image 1 shows the terminal setting where you can tick to check respective location’s stocks.

After that you may login into AutoCount POS Front end and use the Check Stock Level function, you can now find other location’s stock from the inquiry screen provided.

Stock balance2.png

Image 2 shows the stock level function inquiry results that includes other location’s stocks.

By: JS 171113, KM171114, P171120

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