Program Control

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Program Control

Introduction and guidelines on setting product edition and license code, and functions of each module.

Topics under this section:

Product Edition

Module Setting

Product Edition

This screen appeared during First Time Start; thus you may have chosen your product edition. However, for learning purpose you may try to change the product edition and view the effects at Tools > Program Control > Module Setting.

Each edition will have its respective modules made available (see Module Setting).

To see differences of these editions, refer to Product Specification.

Simply choose the module if you are evaluating the product, as all modules will be made available. You can do up to 500 transactions before getting licensed.

This feature is available only when your account book is not licensed. Once licensed, the Product Edition will be locked and will not be shown. You may then go to License Control menu for product detail.

Module Setting

This is the place you may enable or disable modules according to the edition/modules that you are licensed to.

Go to Tools > Program Control > Module Setting

  • see Comparison: Express Invoicing & Stock Control vs AutoCount Invoicing & Stock Control

Optional Modules:

1. Import/Export GL/AR/AP

2. Import/Export Sales/Purchase/Stock

3. Import Third Party XML

4. Advanced Multi-Currency

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