Purchase: How to create Purchase Return for item price overcharged without affecting stock quantity

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Question: I’ve received CN from Supplier due to price overcharged, and I keyed in at Purchase Return by transfer from the Purchase Invoice. But it has deducted stock quantity too. It should have deducted only cost and not affecting quantity, what should I do?

Purchase Invoice: RM 10/pc
Purchase Return: RM 2/pc

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


Edit the Purchase Return, and uncheck ‘Return?’, and click on Save.

Inquiry the stock card report, now the Purchase Return does not show in stock card, and Purchase Invoice cost is RM8 (RM10-RM2).


Purchase Return and Credit Note both have this ‘Return?’ field.
You should check this checkbox only when it involves stock movement (for goods return or to reduce the quantity), uncheck it for item price overcharge or discount (which affecting only the cost/price but not quantity).

By: Ju Lee 220610, Lay Swan 220626, P220627

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