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====Response Status====
"RequestId": {{AOTGResponseStatus|"a8ccd53f-75d8-4c99-262f-6f6201e61b74",}}
=====Response Successful HTTP Request=====
200 OK
=====Response Successful Body=====
Status shows the data is ready for retrieve.
<syntaxhighlight lang="json-object" highlight="3">
"RequestId": "a8ccd53f-75d8-4c99-262f-6f6201e61b74",
"Status": "Completed"
==Get Data (Result)==
200 OK
=====Response Successful Body=====
*The value "{[!MzAwLUEwMDE!]}" ofis the '''Id''' in '''ResultJson''' can be used for Update, DELETE and GET debtor record.
*'''ResultJson''' holds the array of debtor(s).
Readable of ResultJson=
Highlighted shows the '''Id''' of the debtor which is the identifier of the debtor that is generated by AOTG.
<syntaxhighlight lang="json-object" highlight="3,51,99" line>
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