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'''Question :''' IWhat have a newly joined employee inis the middlefunction of theSave year& (June).Recalculate WhereAll to keybutton in the past employmentPayroll entryProcess?
<u><b>Answer (1) :</b></u>
You may key in at Employee Maintenance.
<u><b>Answer (1) :</b></u>
1) Go to <span style='color:red'>Payroll > Employee > Employee Maintenance</span>.
<b>Save & Recalculate All button </b> is used when user made any <span style='color:red'>changes at Payroll Process Details</span> page.
The system will save and recalculate <i>(details page only, it will not affect related maintenances)</i> payroll details to reflect the latest changes.
Save & Recalculate All will affect all employees in this payroll process.
2) Select that employee and click on <span style='color:red'>Edit icon</span>. (Or click on <span style='color:red'>Add New</span> to add new employee.)
If user wishes to recalculate <span style='color:red'>only a selected employee</span>, user can click on <b>Save & Recalculate </b>button beneath the employee’s name.
Prepared by: Chen Ong 200311 , Azirah 200318, P200320
3) Go to <span style='color:red'>Employment Detail</span>, click on <span style='color:red'>Previous Employment Entry</span>.
4) The following table will be prompted and you may <span style='color:red'>key in the details</span> for <span style='color:red'>each month</span> (or key in the accumulated amount at the right most column), then click on <span style='color:red'>Apply</span>.
<u><b>Answer (2) :</b></u>
Or you may use Excel Import function.
1) Go to <span style='color:red'>Tools > Excel Import</span>.
2) In the Excel Import, click on <span style='color:red'>Templates</span>, and choose for <span style='color:red'>Previous PRTrans</span> to download the Excel template.
3) The templates will be downloaded.
4) Open it and maintain the details for <span style='color:red'>Employee Code, Period, PCB Chargeable Amt (Total Remuneration), PCB Contributed, Employee EPF…etc</span> and then <span style='color:red'>Save</span> the templates.
[[File:Past employement6.png]]
There are another two sheets for <span style='color:red'>PRTaxExempt</span> and <span style='color:red'>PROptionalDeduction</span>, you may input the details of tax exemption and optional deduction if applicable.
[[File:Past employement7.png]]
[[File:Past employement8.png]]
5) Again back to <span style='color:red'>Tools > Excel Import</span>, in <span style='color:red'>Upload</span> page, click on <span style='color:red'>Select File</span> to browse your templates or you may drag and drop your file directly.
6) Click on <span style='color:red'>Upload</span>.The details from Excel template will be uploaded and displayed.
7) Before importing, you may check the details. To edit, <span style='color:red'>select the employee</span> and click on <span style='color:red'>Edit</span>. If details are all correct, click on <span style='color:red'>Import All</span>.
8) Data Imported, to verify the data, go to<span style='color:red'>Employee > Employee Maintenance > Employment Detail</span>, click on <span style='color:red'>Previous Employment Entry</span> to check.
By : Aisyah 181101, Lay Swan 181109, P181112
<b>Prepared by Aisyah 200221, Azirah 200311, P200313</b>
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