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<div style="width:100%; height:90px; font-size:28px; padding-left:20px; color:#ff5500; background-color:white; position:absolute; top:-100px; left:-10px; z-index:0;">
<br />AutoCount Resource Center
{{AutoCountTreeList|bgheadercolor=#330099| AutoCount Programmers References |
{{Note|AutoCount Accounting '''API''' Updated in 2.0.'''21.169''' - ''14/4/2020''<br/>
AutoCount.'''Configuration.DatabaseManagement''' has been moved from AutoCount.UI.dll to AutoCount.dll.<br/>
{{AutoCountTreeListParent| Tutorial |
Project rebuild may be required.
{{AutoCountTreeListParent| Plug-In |
{{AutoCountTreeListParent| AutoCount Accounting 2.0 |
{{Note|AutoCount Accounting '''API''' Updated in 2.0.'''20.168''' - ''14/4/2020''<br/>
<li>[[202a.GettingStarted2|Getting Started]]
7 new dll have been added to better manage system resources.<br/>
<li>[[202b.UserControl_%26_Interface|User Control & Interface]]
{{AutoCountTreeListParent| AutoCount Accounting 1.8 |
<li>[[201a.GettingStarted|Getting Started]]
<li>[[201b.UserControl_%26_Interface|User Control & Interface]]
These assemblies are required when your project has reference to AutoCount Accounting 2.0 UI object.
{{AutoCountTreeListParent|Knowledge Base|
{{AutoCountTreeListParent|Application Scripting|
<li>[[How AutoCount Application Script Works]]
{{Note|AutoCount Plug-In Builder is available for download - ''31/12/2020''<br/>
<li>[[Frequent use Script Events]]
:[[Programmer_Download_and_Links#Programmer_Tools|Click here to download page]]
<li>[[:Category:Script_Event|More Application Script Events]]
<li>[[Document Entry Form and Logic]]
{{Note|AutoCount Accounting 2.0.'''18.162''' - ''30/12/2020''<br/>
:Plug-In is required to specify the Developer's '''Company email''' at the '''constructor''' of the Plug-In.
::This is to allow the developer to be informed of the exception that was thrown from the plug-in.
{{AutoCountTreeListParent|Frequent Asked|
::'''Exception''': ''Method not found: 'Void AutoCount.PlugIn.BasePlugIn..ctor(System.Guid, System.String, System.String)'.)''
<li>[[Get Current User Login]]
::'''Solution''': at the constructor of the plug-in, add email to the new parameter.
<li>[[Master and Detail in Document]]
::'''Example''': public PluginInitialize() : base(new Guid("<<Put your product Guid here>>"), "My First Plugin", "<<Plugin Version>>", "myemail@domain.com")
<li>[[Override violate Credit Limit Control and Overdue Limit]]
:'''Requires DevExpress 19.2.10'''
{{AutoCountTreeListParent|Using Tools for Programmers|
:Add this line in the constructor
<li>[[Use AutoCount Plug-In Converter 2.0]]
<div style="width:100%; postion:relative>
===[[:Category:Developers:Tutorials|Tutorials for AutoCount Programmers]]===
===[[Integration with AutoCount Accounting]]===
{{AutoCountTreeList|bgheadercolor=#008000| AutoCount Accounting API (.Net Framework)<br/>Plug-In, Integrate... |Image=|
===[[Programmers References]]===
===[[DeveloperDownload|Download for Developers]]===
{{AutoCountTreeList|bgheadercolor=#0088cc| AOTG Web API (REST)<br/>Web Integration Gateway |Image=|
{{AutoCountTreeList|bgheadercolor=#ff8000| Tutorials |Image=|
{{AutoCountTreeList|bgheadercolor=#330099| General Knowledge |Image=|
{{Note|Some source code syntax in this document requires Development Tool that supports C# 6.0
{{Warn|All materials and coding you may find at wiki AutoCount for programmer is for education and conceptual purposes.
Programmer may use them as study reference, but be cautious when apply sample and training coding in actual project.<br/>
Without throughout understanding of the piece of code, it may result to confusion in the project.<br/>
When a programmer uses any piece of code from others in the project, the programmer is liable to the code.<br/>
<br />
==Download and Resources==
{{Download|Programmer Download and Links|Programmer Download and Links to External Resources|Title=Programmer Download and Links}}
{{Warn|Files provided for Download here may contain unstable or incompatible versions that may not work for users.<br />It is merely for software development and testing purposes.}}{{Note|Right Click on download link, and "Open in new tab"}}
* [https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3V33wGqwP4xcXltZ2xTT1J0WTQ AutoCount Plug-In Builder]
* AutoCount Plug-In Builder 2.0
!colspan="5"|AutoCount Accounting 2.0
!DB Version
!width="200px" colspan="2"|Download
!width="350px"|Basic Requirements
|2.0.55 (BETA)
|[https://drive.google.com/open?id=13yxEw0chIz24FF5z7XpIYIdnst5Kljts 64bit]
|32bit (x86)
#Net Framework 4.5
#SQL Server 2012 SP3 or higher
#DevExpress WinForm 17.1.4
!colspan="5"|AutoCount Accounting 1.8
|[https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3V33wGqwP4xMW5FNXBVdDJmVjg 64bit]
|32bit (x86)
#Net Framework 4.0
#SQL Server 2008R2 SP2 or higher
#DevExpress WinForm 13.1.10
==External Related Resources==
* [https://www.visualstudio.com/ Microsoft Visual Studio]
* [https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17718 Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer)]
* [https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30653 Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5]
===AutoCount=Past Notice==
===AutoCount Accounting 2.0===
* [http://www.autocountsoft.com AutoCount official website]
*{{Note|Plug-In [http://supportBuilder 2.AutoCountsoft0.com1.3 is released for AutoCount Accounting Support]2.0.15.'''139''' and higher<br/>
:Version plug-in builder can be used to build earlier version of AutoCount Accounting 2.0 plug-in.
* [http://developer.AutoCount.com AutoCount Accounting Software Developer]
:Separate installed folder is not required.
:[[Programmer_Download_and_Links#Programmer_Tools|Click here to go to download page]]
{{Note|AutoCount Accounting 2.0.15.'''139'''<br/>
:Plug-In is required to specify the DevExpress supported for this plug-in at the constructor of the Plug-In.
{{Note|AutoCount Accounting 2.0.15.'''138'''<br/>
:This release requires {{DevExpress}} 19.2.7, which you may find the installer on [[Programmer_Download_and_Links#DevExpress|Download page]].
{{Note|AutoCount Accounting '''''' has major API update in GL/AR/AP.<br/>
'''DLL added''':<br/>
'''DLL removed''':<br/>
Remove of AutoCount.CommonAccounting.dll does not implicate that classes that were in AutoCount.CommonAccounting.dll are removed.<br/>
To better organize the naming, UI and logic, system engineer and analyst have rearranged and split them into two libraries.
{{Note|AutoCount Accounting is released to compliant with '''GST 0% SR'''<br/>
:There is no major changes in API compatibility for project uses API<br/>
:But, do rebuild with assemblies to confirm the compatibility.
===AutoCount Accounting 1.9===
Upgrade from AutoCount Accounting 1.8 to 1.9 requires a special '''license key'''.
:However, if create a new account book in AutoCount Accounting '''1.9.6''' and higher version,<br/>you will be able to use the account book for development & testing without requirement of '''License Key'''.
AutoCount Accounting '''1.9''' is compatible with AutoCount Accounting '''1.8'''.
:Some coding may require minor update, due to earlier version of 1.8 has some differences in method call.
:Such as SubProjectStartup parameter has been updated since version 1.8.30.<br/>[[Programmer:Simple_program_to_test_connection_to_AutoCount_Accounting#Four_overloading_methods_of_SubProjectStartup|Click here to see the changed in SubProjectStartup method.]]
<u>'''This document does not allow to save, because it contains accrual and payment basis tax code</u><br/>
''When you see the message prompted similar to the title'',<br/>
this is to accommodate the new SST calculation of Sale Tax and Service Tax,<br/>which '''Sale Tax''' is on "Accrual Basis", while '''Service Tax''' is on "Payment Basis".<br/>
*'''Accrual Basis''' is defined as, '''Sales Tax''' is payable when the invoice is created.<br/>
*Whereas, '''Payment Basis''' is after payment is received from customers for '''Service Tax'''.<br/>However, if the payment is not received after 12 months,<br/>it becomes payable regardless of whether the payment is received.
The difference between the two methods is the timing to recognize '''Payment Basis''' as Tax is deffered until<br/>payment is received, or 12 months period.<br/><br/>
Therefore for AutoCount Accounting to recognize these two occurrence whether it is payable tax,<br/>separating them to two documents can clearly differentiate them in the finance and tax report.<br/>
<br/>Posted on 6 Sep 2018
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