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doc.DocDate = source.VoucherDate;
//Document Level Inclusive Tax
doc.InclusiveTax = falsesource.InclusiveTax;
foreach (JournalDetail jnDtl in source.Details)
dtl.TaxType = jnDtl.GSTCode;
dtl.SupplyPurchase = jnDtl.GSTSupplyPurchase;
//Detail Level Inclusive Tax
dtl.InclusiveTax = jnDtl.InclusiveTax;
public string VoucherNo { get; set; }
public DateTime VoucherDate { get; set; }
public bool InclusiveTax { get; set; } = false;
public List<JournalDetail> Details { get; set; } = new List<JournalDetail>();
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