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{{Note|AutoCount Accounting '''API''' Updated in 2.0.'''21.169''' - ''14/4/2020''<br/>
AutoCount.'''Configuration.DatabaseManagement''' has been moved from AutoCount.UI.dll to AutoCount.dll.<br/>
Project rebuild may be required.
{{Note|AutoCount Accounting '''API''' Updated in 2.0.'''20.168''' - ''14/4/2020''<br/>
7 new dll have been added to better manage system resources.<br/>
These assemblies are required when your project has reference to AutoCount Accounting 2.0 UI object.
{{Note|AutoCount Plug-In Builder is available for download - ''31/12/2020''<br/>
:[[Programmer_Download_and_Links#Programmer_Tools|Click here to download page]]
{{Note|AutoCount Accounting 2.0.'''18.162''' - ''30/12/2020''<br/>
:Plug-In is required to specify the Developer's '''Company's email''' at the '''constructor''' of the Plug-In.
::This is to allow the developer to be informed of the exception that was thrown from the plug-in.
::'''Exception''': ''Method not found: 'Void AutoCount.PlugIn.BasePlugIn..ctor(System.Guid, System.String, System.String)'.)''
::'''Solution''': at the constructor of the plug-in, add email to the new parameter.
::'''Example''': public PluginInitialize() : base(new Guid("<<Put your product Guid here>>"), "My First Plugin", "<<Plugin Version>>", "myemail@domain.com")
:'''Requires DevExpress 19.2.10'''
:Add this line in the constructor
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