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1.Double click on the AutoCount FnB icon on your desktop.<br/> [[File:FnB_icon.png]]<br/><br/>
2.Before you get started, you will need to configure the FnB POS.
<span style=color:red><i>Welcome to AutoCount FnB Wizard</i></span> will prompt out, click on <span style=color:red><i>Next</i></span> to continue.<br/> [[File:Config02.png]]<br/><br/>
3.Select the database option to be used and then click on <span style=color:red><i>Next</i></span>.<br/> [[File:Config03.png]]<br/>
3.After opening Plug-in Manager, click on the “Install” button located on right hand side, system will prompt to select a file. Please browse from folder and open the .app file.<br/><br/>
<b>'''Standalone Database:''' </b>
4.A new window will prompt with some basic information of this plugin. Click the “Install” button again located at the bottom. <br/><br/> [[File:Item Description 2 Plug-In - Image 2.png]] <br/><br/>
Create a new standalone account book for FnB POS.<br/>
5.A confirmation message will prompt after clicking the “Install” button. Click “Yes” in order to confirm the installation.<br/><br/>
<b>Attach Existing Database:</b>
6.Due to Item Description 2 plug-in require to add in additional tables or fields to the database, it will prompt to let user know and again ask for confirmation to continue the installation. <br/><br/> [[File:Item Description 2 Plug-In - Image 3.png]] <br/><br/>
Attach existing account book that created previously.<br/><br/>
7.After clicking “Yes”, the installation will start and after a moment if the plug-in is installed properly, a successfully installed message will appear and user just need to click “OK” to proceed.<br/><br/>
4.For Standalone Database, key in the <span style=color:red><i>Basic Information</i></span>, setup <span style=color:red><i>Database Server Location</i></span>, and select <span style=color:red><i>Pre-defined Country Banknote and Coin Series (For Close Counter Use)</i></span>. Then click on <span style=color:red><i>Next</i></span> to continue.<br/> [[File:Config04.png]]<br/>
8.After installation, user will then able to see an extra menu on top of AutoCount Accounting menu. User can access any function or features that is related to this plug-in installed. <br/><br/> [[File:Item Description 2 Plug-In - Image 4.png]] <br/><br/>
<b>Basic Information: </b>
New Company Name: Your Company name.
===Entry Result===
Database Name: Physical database name that will used for your company (You may leave it default as system will generate for you).
After setting all the options, entries will now show Item Description 2 from Stock Item Maintenance. <br/><br/> [[File:Item Description 2 Plug-In - Image 6.png]] <br/><br/> [[File:Item Description 2 Plug-In - Image 7.png]]
Database Folder: Location to store your physical database files (Default location is C:\AutoCount Data).<br/>
<b>Database Server Location: </b>
Server Name: Define your SQL Server location and Instance Name.
Use Default SA User Name and Password: Select this option to use AutoCount Default SA User Name and Password for SQL Server.
Use the following User Name and Password: Select this option to use your own User name and Password for SQL Server.<br/>
<b>Pre-defined Country Banknote and Coin Series (For Close Counter Use):</b>
Select your country from the list and then system will generate pre-defined banknote and coin series based on your selection.<br/><br/>
5.Click on <span style=color:red><i>Finish</i></span> to complete the configuration.<br/> [[File:Config05.png]]<br/><br/>
6.Click on <span style=color:red><i>OK</i></span> and you have now created your FnB POS account book.<br/> [[File:Config06.png]]<br/><br/>
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