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<span style=color:red><i>Welcome to AutoCount FnB Wizard</i></span> will prompt out, click on <span style=color:red><i>Next</i></span> to continue.<br/> [[File:Config02.png]]<br/><br/>
3.Select the database option to be used and then click on <span style=color:red><i>Next</i></span>.<br/> [[File:Config03.png]]<br/>
<b>'''Standalone Database:''' </b>
Create a new standalone account book for FnB POS.<br/>
<b>Attach Existing Database:</b>
Attach existing account book that created previously.<br/><br/>
4.For Standalone Database, key in the <span style=color:red><i>Basic Information</i></span>, setup <span style=color:red><i>Database Server Location</i></span>, and select <span style=color:red><i>Pre-defined Country Banknote and Coin Series (For Close Counter Use)</i></span>. Then click on <span style=color:red><i>Next</i></span> to continue.<br/> [[File:Item Description 2 Plug-In - Image 2Config04.png]]<br/>
<b>Basic Information: </b>
5.A confirmation message will prompt after clicking the “Install” button. Click “Yes” in order to confirm the installation.<br/><br/>
New Company Name: Your Company name.
6.Due to Item Description 2 plug-in require to add in additional tables or fields to the database, it will prompt to let user know and again ask for confirmation to continue the installation. <br/><br/> [[File:Item Description 2 Plug-In - Image 3.png]] <br/><br/>
Database Name: Physical database name that will used for your company (You may leave it default as system will generate for you).
7.After clicking “Yes”, the installation will start and after a moment if the plug-in is installed properly, a successfully installed message will appear and user just need to click “OK” to proceed.<br/><br/>
Database Folder: Location to store your physical database files (Default location is C:\AutoCount Data).<br/>
8.After installation, user will then able to see an extra menu on top of AutoCount Accounting menu. User can access any function or features that is related to this plug-in installed. <br/><br/> [[File:Item Description 2 Plug-In - Image 4.png]] <br/><br/>
<b>Database Server Location: </b>
Server Name: Define your SQL Server location and Instance Name.
===Entry Result===
Use Default SA User Name and Password: Select this option to use AutoCount Default SA User Name and Password for SQL Server.
After setting all the options, entries will now show Item Description 2 from Stock Item Maintenance. <br/><br/> [[File:Item Description 2 Plug-In - Image 6.png]] <br/><br/> [[File:Item Description 2 Plug-In - Image 7.png]]
Use the following User Name and Password: Select this option to use your own User name and Password for SQL Server.<br/>
<b>Pre-defined Country Banknote and Coin Series (For Close Counter Use):</b>
Select your country from the list and then system will generate pre-defined banknote and coin series based on your selection.<br/><br/>
5.Click on <span style=color:red><i>Finish</i></span> to complete the configuration.<br/> [[File:Config05.png]]<br/><br/>
6.Click on <span style=color:red><i>OK</i></span> and you have now created your FnB POS account book.<br/> [[File:Config06.png]]<br/><br/>
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