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Click on ''Exit Anywa''y to exit.
Check the checkbox of ''Do not prompt this window in the future'' to disable this function.
'''Use New Financial Reporting Standards (FRS) Terms:''' to use the financial accounting terms. When this is checked, the Profit and Loss will change to Statement of Comprehensive Income, and then Balance Sheet will change to Statement of Financial Position.
'''Show Account Description 2 in Lookup Edit:''' To show account description 2 in lookup edit
'''Use Search Lookup Edit''': To apply search lookup edit function in transaction
'''Apply Search by Linq in Search Lookup Editor:''' To allow the search lookup editor to always update the values dynamically.
'''Setup File Folder:''' define the path where setup file is being kept. The system (especially at client PC) will automatically detect new setup file (usually maintained on database server) should it be different from current running version, and will run the new setup file to upgrade current running program. This feature is helpful so that all workstation PC in a local area network will run on a same version of application software.
'''Data Input Encoding:''' Choose the encoding method for any incoming input in the system.
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