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Sales Order has no effects on inventory movement and G/L entries.
<span style=color:red>'''To Create New Sales Order'''</span>
'''Branch:''' specify the branch of this debtor (if any)
'''SO No:''' <<New>> means to follow auto-running numbering (maintained at [[Document Numbering Format Maintenance]]), and the next possible number is displayed at the top bar of the window. You may click on it to key in any number you like.
'''Date:''' system date is automatically captured, you may click to change.
'''Sales Agent:''' assign a sales agent (if any). The default Sales Agent can be assigned in Debtor Maintenance.
'''Ship Via:''' assign the shipping method (maintained at [[Shipping Method Maintenance]])
'''Shipping Info:''' key in the info of shipping or transportation.
[[File:CFB2.png]] to be save as template (Refer [[Non Module: Template|Template]])
[[File:CFB3.png]] to be save as recurrence (Refer [[Recurrence]])
'''Manage Template:''' Refer [[Non Module: Template|Template]]
'''Manage Recurrence:''' Refer [[Recurrence]]
'''Load Data Option:''' to specify the number of recent days when loading data instead of to load all data, so that the loading speed can be further improved. See also [[Non Module: Load Data Option|Load Data Option]].
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